Contractor License Bonds

Specializing in bond markets, Rock 10 Insurance Services has a vast network of financial and insurance institutions that we shop for you to find the best deal on Contractor License Bonds. No matter if you’re a small business starting out, or just looking to renew with better rates, Rock 10 Insurance Services knows best.

Contractor License Bonds comprise of a surety company contract, in which a contractor agrees to comply with all California contractor licensing laws. This Contractor License Bond promises to the state of California that no problems will arise, or punitory or license repercussions will follow. Moreover, a surety bond is a “promise to pay” if obligations to uphold the contract are not reached, with regards to builders and contractors.

California requires that every contractor maintains a current contractor license bond, because they act as a shield for consumers. Contractor license bonds also help to protect employees from lost work or wages stemming from the contractor, not from a Worker’s Compensation clause. Contractor license bonds are enforced to help maintain equality between contractors looking to bypass certain state and local laws, thoroughly safeguarding consumers.

California contractors have two options when it comes to getting a new contractor’s license, or reestablish their existing one. You can put down a cash deposit for the contractor license bond, or you can pay in full.

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