Personal Umbrella Insurance

A Personal Umbrella Insurance policy can help cover you, even when your other policies are maxed out. Say you are in an auto accident with a very expensive car, and your policy only covers you for $100,000. When your policy pays out, there might be more money owed, which you would have to pay out of pocket. Rock 10 Insurance Services could find you a Personal Umbrella Coverage plan that might just save your assets.

Not everyone needs Umbrella Insurance, but everyone should at least get a quote to see if the cost-benefit of the protection is there. Just as the name says, an umbrella is nice to have when the weather turns bad. Rock 10 Insurance Services can get your covered for home, boat, RV, and cars. Controlling a broad amount of assets, including protection from attorney’s fees, damages, and even libel/slander cases, Personal Umbrella Insurance can truly protect your financial stability. 

Rock 10 Insurance Services knows how to shop the market and find the best bundle for your price point. While we understand that not everyone is a candidate for a Personal Umbrella Insurance policy, we recognize the need for asset protection better than anyone else. The best bet is to make a short list of your assets and see if you’re covered properly by your current liability insurance. A quick and easy phone call to one of our Rock 10 Insurance representatives can figure out how best to process. We can be reached at 866-376-2510 and are ready to protect your financial well-being.