Motorcycle Insurance

California is the perfect place to take your motorcycle out for a ride. The scenic coastline and the beautiful mountains make for the perfect ride. But even while riding, life can throw you a curve ball. Rock 10 Insurance Services could protect you from all of life’s unexpected occurrences.

Rock 10 Insurance Services provides you with insurance for these:

  • Factory built, custom, classic, and dirt motorcycles
  • Licensed mini / trail bikes
  • Motor-scooters and three-wheel bikes

With Rock 10 Insurance Services, you can provide protection to whatever bike you have with:

  • Collision coverage – when you hit or are hit by another vehicle
  • Medical payments – makes sure your medical bills are covered
  • Bodily Injury – if someone else is injured, we cover that
  • Property damage – damage that is caused by your bike to someone else’s property
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist – we could cover if someone hits you who doesn’t have insurance.
  • Accessories – We can cover any additional accessories you may have on your bike, such as saddle bags, radios, seats, backseats, and more.

Rock 10 Insurance Services is here for anything that could come your way on the open road. So contact one of our agents for a quote at 866-376-2510, and start that ride you have been planning for so long now!