Business Owners Policy

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is combination protection for your business. BOP combines most major liability and property insurance into a single, lower-cost package. By saving money with combined policies, Rock 10 Insurance Services can offer you lower rates for the same high quality protection.

Aimed at the small to growing-medium business market, a Business Owner’s Policy usually includes property, auto, liability, and other coverages in order to save the business money. The highlight of a BOP, is the implementation of Business Interruption Service; BIS can protect your business by reimbursing you for a specific amount of time (usually less than a year) for revenue lost from property loss.

The benefit of a Business Owner’s Policy is that it allows your business to tailor-fit the perfect amount of insurance coverage for cheaper. Say you own a big fleet of work vehicles, but your property is small, we can add or subtract coverage to make it work within a set budget, all while saving you money from buying each policy individually.

Contact Rock 10 Insurance Services for a complete policy review and an easy quote. We can be reached at 866-376-2510 and have insurance experts on hand to help find you the best Business Owner’s Policy and Commercial General Liability coverage to keep your small business growing. Protection is important, but you don’t always have to spend a lot to get covered well. We’ll find a coverage level that protects your business, while still allowing you room to grow.